Methodology of the Programme:

Fun with Phonics is a reading programme developed by experts working in the field of Early Childhood Education. Crafted with love, this programme lays the foundation to help your child learn to love the English language. The method used at each level has been prepared with great care. While designing the programme, the capacities and interests of the child has been kept in focus Each step the child will learn new words and the usage of those words with right pronunciation. To make phonics teaching fun and imaginative, this programme uses many games, word / picture activities.

Promises oodles of fun all along!

Worksheets, Conversation, Music, Puzzles, Flashcards, Rhymes, Tongue Twisters

Material used for introducing and encouraging reading at various levels…

  • Single sound cards
  • Consonant sound cards
  • Cards showing special words
  • Specially make books for each level.

Following sequence is generally followed for each level…

  • Language inputs
  • Letters of alphabet
  • Sound playing and blending
  • C V C words with short vowel sounds (cat, men, pin, hot etc.)
  • Beginning diagraph and blends ( shop, frog, black etc.)

Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a system that uses simple, easy-to-do developmental movements to stimulate the brain. Benefits of Brain Gym are stupendous. Children learn faster and more easily, they perform better at sports, learn to be more focused and organized, overcome learning challenges and reach new levels of excellence. Brain Gym promises faster development in thinking, writing and self awareness skills.

Brain Gym is an important part of the Fancy Fun Phonics Programme.